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Most common complaints to 311, by Council district.

Most common complaints to 311, by Council district.

From 2014 to 2018

This graphic shows all complaints to 311 over the five years from 2014 through 2018, grouped by council district and broken down by type of complaint. There were a total of 10.9 million complaints to 311 during this period. They fell into 201 different types of complaints. Included in this graphic are types that each accounted for at least 2% of the total. The second graphic is simlar, but only for the year 2018. Not quite sure how to read this graphic? Scroll down past it for an explanation.

Heatmap Complaint Types by Council District 2014 to 2018
How to read this ‘heatmap’

The number on the left of each row represents the council district. The columns represent types of complaints to 311. The color in a cell represents the number of complaints of that type from that district. The legend on the right, that looks like a temperature scale, shows the relative number of complaints. Cyan (my system says ‘light blue’ but my system also thinks the CD/DVD tray is a pod bay door, so…)… cyan represents fewer complaints, and purple means more number of complaints.

These heatmaps help identify the common types of issues within your own council district, as well as what plagues other districts. If a type of complaint in your district is purple on the one year chart and also shows up purple on a five-year chart, you’re looking at a persistent problem.

Below is a similar graphic, but only relating to 2018. There were a total of 2.5 complaints to 311 during the year. They consisted of 96 different types of complaints in this year. The types of complaints you see in this graphic may or may not match the five-year graphic exactly. A type of complaint that was at least 2% of the five-year total, may not show up here if it was less than 2% of this year’s total.

Heatmap Complaint Types by Council District 2018

311 data from NYC Open Data downloaded at various times. Parsed in RStudio v1.1.453 on R v3.3.3

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