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Quarterly noise complaints: Manhattan Community Board 4

Manhattan Community Board 04

Last updated: July 22, 2019

Covering neighborhoods: Clinton, Chelsea

Chairperson: Delores Rubin
District Manager: Jesse Bodine
Phone: 212-736-4536
Police precinct(s): 10, 13, MSP, MNP
Precinct phone(s): 10: 212-741-8211,13: 212-477-7411,MSP: 212-239-9811,MNP: 212-767-8400

The first graphic compares quarterly noise complaints for all of NYC (labeled “”00 NYC””) followed by the quarterly number of noise complaints for Manhattan Community Board 04. The second graphic is quarterly noise complaints for Manhattan Community Board 04 district by itself. To view other districts, search by the community board number or a neighborhood name and navigate to their individual page.

311 data from NYC Open Data.

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