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Covid-19: NYC 5 Boroughs, Nassau & Westchester to 10.20.20

Covid-19: NYC 5 Boroughs, Nassau & Westchester to 10.20.20

Staten Island has had a messaging problem – too many people who don’t mask-up and/or social distance. The problem seems to have moved to Brooklyn in the third week of September, but seems to have abated somewhat in the past two weeks – Staten Island ‘out-performing’ the other boroughs again – with a population of under half-a-million out of NYC’s 8.3 million and a population density a fraction of the city – about eight thousand per square mile versus over twenty-seven thousand per square mile for the city overall. Staten Island could have a transmission rate lower than the rest of the city, but it doesn’t. Messaging from local political/social leaders is very different from leaders of other boroughs.

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