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Slicing and dicing NYC Noise – NYPD Close out time Trends

Number of service requests to NYC’s 311 from 2004 to 2017: 26.99 million

Two posts ago, I plotted the NYPD’s mean time to close which showed a very zig-zaggy line which was begging for a trendline to be plotted through it. The straight line sloping downward below says the long term trend is down – something you couldn’t really tell from just looking at a graph of the annual numbers which were all over the place:

NYC Noise 2004 to 2017 NYPD Close Out Times with linear trend

The smoothened line in the next graph looks like it could be the Hudson river, or the Thames, or a bend in any old river… makes for a pretty picture. Any interesting or usefulĀ  information captured in this? Nothing definitively, beyond the river analogy, but it being close to 4:20 on 4/20 maybe something will pop up after a stroll and some tea. If you see something noteworthy – please leave a comment or tweet me @armipunk

NYC Noise 2004 to 2017 NYPD Close Out Times with smoothened trend

311 data from NYC Open Data downloaded at various times. As of Feb 5, 2018, 27 million rows, 52 variables till 2009, 53 variables from 2010. Parsed using R v3.4.3 in RStudio v1..1.423

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