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Slicing and dicing NYC Noise – top two agencies handling the most complaints

Number of service requests to NYC’s 311 from 2004 to 2017:  26.99 million
Of the 3,307,746 service requests regarding noise filed with 311 from 2004 to 2017,  3,280,051 (99%) were directed to the NYPD or to the Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) for resolution.  Of which, NYPD handled 81% with the DEP handling the rest. This is how they track over the past 14 years:

The sharp spike in noise complaints to NYPD in 2009 and the equally remarkable rise from 2011 to 2017 are obvious, but what interests me more is 2010. As patterns go that looks like an aberration. If New Yorkers realized in 2009 that they could pick up the phone to 311 and make noise about noise, what happened in 2010? They went on vacation? Because they resumed the pace from 2011 and kept it up for the next 6 years.  I’m sure there is a good explanation for the 2010 drop. It being the NYPD, may be leave the forensics to them? Yearly totals for those who like tables.

311 data from NYC Open Data downloaded at various times. As of Feb 5, 2018, 27 million rows, 52 variables till 2009, 53 variables from 2010. Parsed using R v3.4.3 in RStudio v1..1.423

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