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NYC Noise

In the beginning was the ….. jackhammer drilling. And there was every kind of noise that you hear with construction, magnified by the nighttime stillness and surrounding quiet and amplified by the concrete canyon that forms between the apartment building I live in and World Financial Center, or as renamed, Brookfield Place. The videos are still waiting to go on YouTube as a sort of permanent record. So here I am two years later, back to parsing 311 data and the starting points are:

1. How many noise complaints did 311 get from 2010 till the end of September, 2016?
2. Broken down by year.
3. By borough.
4. Can we have a pretty picture or two please?

And then:
1. Let’s talk types of noise
2. The times of day noise complaints peak and trough.
3. Pretty graphs of the types of noise plotted against time of day.

And plenty more ways to slice and dice noise, but that’s good for starters. I will come back and add links to each of the items as I get them done. 

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