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NYC Noise from Jan 1, 2010 till September 30, 2016

What’s special about Jan 1, 2010? Nothing. That’s from when (revamped) 311 data at NYC Open Data starts. Total number of service requests to 311 from 1/1/2010 to 9/30/2016: 14,107,068

Total number of complaints related to noise: 1,999,928

Not considered in that number is 14,261 service requests related to “Manhole Cover Broken/Making Noise”. They are categorized under “Sewer”, not under any category of “Noise” and we don’t know if the service request was related to the manhole cover being broken, or broken and making a noise, or not broken but making a noise. If you live on an avenue or street and have actually filed a complaint about noise from a manhole cover, please leave a comment and let me know, and I’ll drill down further and see it’s possible to separate out the complaints that involve only noise.

Okay, so to break it down by year:

2010:  201,980
2011:  196,578
2012:  220,567
2013:  259,493
2014:  338,078
2015:  387,421
2016:  395,811 (to Sep 20, 2016)

I need to switch out of Blogger, not being able to simply add a table is ridiculous. Might as well be living in the middle ages…

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