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Calls to 311 by department, Q1 2015

This is basically a repeat of call frequency by department. Does it mean anything that calls directed to HPD went up from 33.3% for all of 2014 to nearly 41% in the first quarter of 2015? Have to drill deeper, within a department,  to get more on why and how, but I’d speculate winter might have something to do with it – calls about heat for one?

Total number of calls to 311 in 1st Quarter of 2015 543,823
HPD (Housing Preservation and Development) 222,569 40.9%
DOT (Department of Transportation) 94,014 17.3%
NYPD (Department of Don’t Mess With Us) 66,331 12.2%
DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) 44,373 8.2%
DSNY (Department of Sanitation) 41,724 7.7%
DOB (Department of Buildings) 17,683 3.3%
And then there is the DOB, dropping from 4+ percent of the total in 2014 to 3.3% in Q1 2015. Need to drill deeper to see why it dropped noticeably.

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