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Nighttime Construction Noise

Manhattan Community Board 4 Leads

Manhattan CB4 covering Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen (sure, go ahead, be all bobo transplant from the midwest and call it Clinton) had the most before hours and after hours construction noise in 2014. Christine Berthet, is the Chair of Community Board 4.

What exactly are before hours and after hours in the world of NYC construction? According to the Department of Buildings, the  agency that issues the permits letting you do construction work “outside” hours, that’s after 6pm and before 7am, and all weekend.  So, can you get one of these permits from the DOB and jackhammer-drill your neighbors to insanity? Sure. That’s what Brookfield Properties was doing across from me and the reason this blog exists!
If you’re thinking of living in Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen, within the borders of Community Board 4,  you may be wondering if these are the noisiest neighborhoods in the city. No one actually went out and measured noise levels in different areas in a scientific way. But if you go by the number of complaints New Yorkers filed about construction noise during after/before hours: like that porter at hell’s gate in Macbeth, be prepared to have your sleep disturbed.

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